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Founded in 1981, Tidelines made an immediate splash with its line of glossy calendars featuring brilliant photographs of ocean scenes. But what made the calendars unique was the collection of wavy lines, called "sine waves," that charted the rise and fall of the tides in a given area. The sine waves offered a graphic, easy-to-read alternative to standard tide charts that rely solely on headache-inducing numbers. Today, Tidelines calendars and pocket tidebooks are standard issue throughout the coastal United States, Australia and Mexico with ocean enthusiasts and others that simply enjoy the high quality photographs.

In 2008, Tidelines developed PhotoTides (www.phototides.com), a user friendly website that allows users to create their own custom tide calendars. With PhotoTides, an individual can upload their own photos, write captions, and choose from 3500 tide locations nationwide.

In 2009, we developed TidelinesCustoms (www.tidelinescustoms.com), a comprehensive website that is designed for promotional products companies to customize and create personalized promotional tide calendars. Our interactive website allows qualified distributors users to upload client logos, images, add text captions, company name, event dates, and has space for custom text.

In 2010, CalendarLink.org was created to help charities and organizations raise needed funds and spread the word about their programs with a free, calendar website. Up to 50% of the proceeds from calendar sales with a minimum of $10 from each order benefitting a charity. Organizations can create their own custom calendar building website, allowing their members to buy pre-designed calendars; or create their own calendars, using personal or organizational photos. CalendarLink also provides consumers a way to support a charity of their choosing by buying a calendar and, at checkout, assign proceeds to any organization of their choice. CalendarLink will then send the proceeds to that charity.

In 2011, we launched Photoart, individual websites created for photographers to sell calendars from their photography. The photographer gets his own unique web address and can promote up to six calendars at a time. Photographers choose their own selling price while we take orders, print and ship to their customers and share profits